Please, read before visiting.

Sümeg Episcopal Palace is a special state-owned protected monument; let us work together to protect our values.

These House Rules define the rights and obligations of visitors to the Episcopal Palace, the observance and enforcement of compliance with is the right and obligation of all persons visiting and using this historical monument.


Epidemiological measures related to Coronavirus:

  1. To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, the Government of Hungary declared and then extended the emergency situation in light of the situation, and continuously updates the necessary protection measures in accordance with the development of the infection (Government Decree No. 484/2020). This decree also governs the operation of Sümeg Episcopal Palace.
  2. In order to comply with the precautionary measures, the Episcopal Palace relies on the cooperation of entrants and visitors.
  3. Please, follow the rules regarding hand disinfection and the use of masks in all eventuality, as well as the requests of the Institution’s staff (such as security guards, guides, and receptionists).


Opening hours:

  1. The Episcopal Palace is open to the public during the hours listed on the Institution’s website: Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If the event is held at a different time, it will remain open until the event concludes.
  2. In the case of events held outside of the general opening hours, the palace determines the areas to be visited and the services to be used on an individual basis.
  3. Please, leave the indoor venues of the events and sessions, as well as the exhibition space, 10 minutes before the building closes so that valuables can be obtained in the cloakroom.



  1. A valid entrance ticket is required to enter the exhibition space. Information about our programmes that can be visited with an entrance ticket or for a separate fee, about ticket prices, as well as possible discounts and free events can be found on the Episcopal Palace’s website ( and on its official Facebook page.
  2. In all cases, please keep your ticket until the end of your visit and carry any documents entitling you to a discount (such as a student ID card, personal ID card).
  3. Restrictions: due to fire, epidemiological and other legal requirements, the number of entrants to both indoor and outdoor events may be limited. If the number of entrants and participants in a particular event exceeds the number allowed, visitors who are asked to leave by the Episcopal Palace’s staff (e.g. receptionist, exhibition guide) or a security guard are required to do so!


General rules of conduct:

  1. Everyone is welcome to attend the Episcopal Palace’s exhibitions and programmes at their own risk!
  2. Visitors agree to abide by these House Rules and any special rules applicable to each programme by entering, and acknowledge that they are required to observe and follow the instructions, any restrictions, and warnings provided by the Institution’s staff and security services.
  3. Visitors who are under the influence of illegal intoxicants or who are dressed inappropriately are not permitted to enter the buildings or attend outdoor events.
  4. It is prohibited to approach from a distance of more than 30 cm or touch the works of art or the wall surfaces in the Episcopal Palace exhibition spaces. Otherwise, a palace employee will step in.
  5. It is prohibited to bring live animals (except an assistance or guide dog with a valid certificate trained to assist a differently abled person), weapons or weapon-like objects, piercing and cutting instruments, or any other objects or substances that may be harmful to life, personal safety, health, or the artefacts, as well as umbrellas, raincoats, or larger children’s toys into the exhibition spaces.
  6. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes or any other electronic smoking devices are prohibited in the Episcopal Palace. It is prohibited to bring flammable and explosive substances into or near any of the buildings of Sümeg Episcopal Palace! If the automatic fire alarm system is triggered as a result of a visitor’s violation of the law or these House Rules, the visitor must reimburse the Episcopal Palace for the related costs (e.g. the fire department will be called to the scene) and damage caused by the fire or the alarm system being set off, within 5 (five) working days.
  7. Littering is strictly prohibited! Waste must be disposed of only in designated dustbins.
  8. During the visit, it is prohibited to act in a way that endangers the safety of event participants, those staying in the building (outdoor or indoor), or the Institution’s property, as well as to violate public order or morality rules.


Camera system, security measures:

  1. The Episcopal Palace is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the safety of artworks and visitors, a security camera system operates in some of the rooms of the exhibition area in accordance with the applicable data protection law, and GDPR.
  2. By entering the Institution’s premises, the individual entering agrees to be recorded through the security camera system and for those recordings, i.e. the personal data (image) in them, to be handled by the Episcopal Palace for the minimum time required for security purposes, in accordance with the current data protection rules.
  3. In the event of an extraordinary event (e.g. natural disaster, fire, bomb alert, etc.), visitors must follow the instructions of the Episcopal Palace staff, especially during an alert when the palace staff present act on the institution’s evacuation plan.

Data Protection; camera, image and sound recordings:

  1. The current GDPR defines the specific data processing conditions for the personal data of entrants and visitors.
  2. Organised public programmes on the Institution’s premises may include camera, audio, and video recordings in which as visitors, those entering the premises may appear. By attending events held in the Institution and organised by the Episcopal Palace, the visitor agrees that the palace or its legal relationship may take images, make sound, or video recordings, archive them, store them in their database, and use them unrestrictedly on any platform for promotional purposes.



  1. The Episcopal Palace takes no responsibility for valuables or objects left in the cloakroom or exhibition area.
  2. The use of the cloakroom during events and exhibition visits is free of charge and is obligatory for artefact protection. Bags or packages larger than 30 × 30 cm in size are not allowed to be taken into the exhibit area. Baby buggies may be placed in the cloakroom.
  3. The Institution provides a free cloakroom service for visitors to store their outerwear as well as their bags, umbrellas, and other accessories. Furthermore, visitors are permitted to keep the keys to the custom-made lockers arranged in the cloakroom during their visit to the Episcopal Palace, but must return them to the lock before leaving.
  4. The rules of the Civil Code govern the disposition of lost property. If the owner can be found on the premises, the lost and found object must be returned to the owner after sufficient proof of ownership is provided. If the owner is not present on the premises but his/her identity and contact information can be established, he/she must be notified; and if he/she gets in contact, the object found must be returned to him/her after an appropriate inspection. If the person entitled to receive the lost and found item cannot be identified, the Episcopal Palace staff shall keep the item for eight (8) days from the handover or, if there is no possibility of safekeeping the said item, hand it over to the notary – competent in terms of the given facility – within eight (8) days of the handover.
  5. With the exception of clothing and accessories of ordinary value (such as umbrellas) placed in the cloakroom, the Episcopal Palace does not provide for the safekeeping of objects brought into the Institution: the Institution explicitly rejects responsibility for their loss.


Consequences of violation of these House Rules:

  1. The Episcopal Palace reserves the right to deny admission to anyone who does not abide by these House Rules. In the case of an event that requires an entrance ticket, a person who is denied entry due to a violation of these House Rules may not seek a refund of the entrance ticket price.
  2. A person who violates these House Rules is required to leave the building immediately upon the request of a competent Episcopal Palace employee (e.g. tour guide, event organiser) or the security guard, failing which he/she must tolerate being removed from the building.
  3. It is either the visitor or the person responsible for him/her who are liable for any damages resulting from the violation of these House Rules. If a violation of these House Rules also constitutes a violation of the law, either the visitor or the person responsible for him/her will be held legally liable and subject to any legal sanctions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We hope that by adhering to these House Rules, we will be able to enjoy the exhibitions and renovated spaces of the Episcopal Palace for a long time!


Have a pleasant cultural experience!

The staff of Sümeg Episcopal Palace.