“I have built a residence of unparalleled beauty and elegance in Hungary, to the wonder of the world,” said the bishop, to whom the Baroque palace is owed. The balcony with its pierced parapet held by a pair of muscular Atlas figures, the Chapel of St. Martin decorated with the frescoes painted by Gergely Vogl and the stuccos made by Antonio Orsatti, as well as the former banquet hall all demonstrate that the Episcopal Palace in Sümeg can still be considered a world wonder.

You can not only admire the beauty of Baroque art while visiting the palace, but you can also sample special Sümeg cakes and coffee in the palace café.   

We also serve local specialties, handicrafts, authentic Sümeg fruit bread, and fresh sandwiches to our valued guests.

The inner courtyard is a spectacular and cosy location; sitting on its terrace next to the walls of the renovated interior façade, you can admire the indefatigable view, Sümeg Castle rising above us and the famous Sümeg vineyards on the steep side of the hill.

The café may be visited during the palace’s regular visiting hours.