Episcopal Palace

Sümeg and its environs were given to the episcopate of Veszprém as a royal gift at the beginning of the 11th century, which influenced its development and prominence. During the Turkish occupation, it grew to be a very significant and important city: when Fehérvár and Veszprém fell, Sümeg castle became one of Transdanubia’s main bastions, which even the Ottoman army was unable to occupy. The Veszprém episcopate also fled to the Sümeg castle from the Turks and remained there for nearly two hundred years…



Event Space

The location of the Episcopal Palace in Sümeg is rather symbolic: it is situated behind the castle, if not concealed, but left a little hidden from the eyes of visitors to the city. However, the complex tourism development that took place between 2018 and 2021 may draw attention to this special building...


You can not only admire the beauty of Baroque art while visiting the palace, but you can also sample special Sümeg cakes and coffee in the palace café. We also serve local specialties to our valued guests.

Gift shop

The gift shop offers visitors a wide range of books, publications, photos, postcards, fridge magnets, ceramics, and porcelain and textile souvenirs related to the various exhibitions and collections of the Episcopal Palace in Sümeg.